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Building materials estimating calculator
Specification :-  

Building Material Estimator Calculator is designed for contractors, trades people and estimators who need to estimate materials and costs for concrete, fences, decks, bricks, tile, flooring, gravel, painting, drywall, paneling and more.


It helps users quickly and easily calculate material costs and allowances, and get exactly the materials they need. Reducing estimating errors will save time and money.

construction math calculator
Specification :-  

Construction Math Calculator is the essential tool for serious building professionals. Easy to use in the field or office; it meets the need for fast, accurate construction-math solutions.


It's perfect for completing layouts, plans, bids and estimates. Save time and money. Reduce material costs, prevent re-work and maximize profits.

advanced construction math calculator
Specification :-  

Advanced Construction Math Calculator is easy to use on the jobsite or in the office and is perfect for completing plans, layouts, bids and estimates.


It will help you save time, reduce costs and prevent re-work. Work in and convert between feet-inch-fractions  and metric. Instantly calculate complex construction challenges for stair layouts, roofs, framing and much more.

advanced machining math + material calculator
Specification :-  

Advanced Machining Math + Material Calculator includes materials and tool settings combined with DOC and WOC to solve all your speed and feed calculations for face,end or slot milling plus turning,drilling,boring and more.

concrete construction - math calculator
Specification :-  

The easy-to-use Concrete Construction - Math Calculator  helps reduce material waste, improve design accuracy and cut estimating time. Increase efficiency in the field or in the office with fast, accurate solutions for Square-ups, Loads, Area, Volume, Rebar, Drop and Stairs. Find the number of bags of cement required for small jobs.

trades math & conversion calculator
Specification :-  

Trades Math & Conversion Calculator is designed to be useful for both teaching technical trade math and for using on the job in a variety of settings requiring technical math, including Welding, Metal Fabrication, Engineering, Automotive Service Technology, Aviation and Drafting.

electrical code calculator
Specification :-  

Electrical Code Calculator is the world’s most complete Code-based electrical calculator. Solve electrical calculations in seconds; answers conform to current NEC®. It’s a complete electrical reference tool that will save time and money. Update to future code revisions with an easy-to-install kit.

digital plan measure
Specification :-  

The affordable Digital Plan Measure is designed for contractors, engineers, architects, estimators and drattspersons. New ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, and the dual LCD displays make it much easier to read. Get fast, accurate Linear,Area and Volume takeoffs from blueprints,drawings and maps.H features 72 built-in scales-6 custom scales and built-in memory.A Lock switch prevents accidentalchanges of mode,scale and units.It is an idealtoolfor preparing bids and estimates from plans and blueprints in the field or office.


professional conversion calculator
Specification :-  

An easy-to-use and powerful handheld calculator that provides more than 500 conversion combinations  using 70 built-in U.S. Standard, Metric and other units of measure. Work in and convert between linear, area and volume units, plus weights, temperatures, velocity and more! Don't waste time looking up tables in books and online.

payroll & timecard calculator
Specification :-  

It simplifies payroll preparation and administration for busi- ness owners and managers, payroll clerks and human resource administrators. Perform payroll-related calculations with a minimum of easy keystrokes — total Day Hours for multiple timecard entries using dedicated “In” and “Out” keys. It quickly calculates total Hours and total Pay with just the press of a single key. TimeCard Tabulator II uses AM/PM or 24 hour formats, handles most forms of rounding and breaks and can be used in nearly all types of timecard math.

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