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Wooden Telescopic Tripod
The tripod is manufactured with the finest quality of wood under strict quality control process. The tripods are sealed with several layers of oil to protect it from different weather conditions In order to achieve the instrument specified accuracy it is vital that the correct tripod is used. The construction and weight of the tripod have a major influence on providing a stable platform for the instrument.

Special Features:-

errow International Standard, Automatically processed under strict quality control.
errow Rugged construction with strong specially designed telescopic aluminium/ seasoned wood legs.
errow Painted with water proof Powder Coated/Enamelled paints.
errow Easy operation due to the simplified hinge design which makes it unnecessary to loosen and tighten the hinges when setting up the tripod.
errow Interchangeable die cast tripod parts. Easy carrying shoulder strap.
Twist Locking System
WT - 2

Technical Data:-

Model Tripod
Size (mm)
Bore (mm)
Length (mm)
Length (mm)
(Approx Kg)
(Pcs. per Carton)
WT - 2 Flat 150 55 1760 1100 5/8"x11 or M16 8.000 2
Aluminum Telescopic Tripods
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